Latest updates

This is where we’ll be posting updates as the weekend comes closer and planning progresses. Please check back for additional details as they become available. And always feel free to get in touch with Ike or Jamie if you have any questions.

Logistics update

Well, hard to believe, but the big day is coming up in about a month! We’ve (finally!) started to plan, and wanted to send around some logistical information.

We’ve put together a map and draft itinerary so you have an idea of what the weekend will look like. Hope you’re ready to have fun! (Schedule subject to change, we’ll send something final soon.)

  • Everyone:

    • Airport carpooling: use the spreadsheet to put your arrival/departure times and airport and use the form to see who would be good to carpool with (if you want). Please contact people directly, or ask us for an introduction if it makes you more comfortable 🙂
    • Alcohol: we’re providing beer (kegs) and wine. Possibly a liquor bottle, but not guaranteed. If you want cocktails, make sure to bring what you need!
    • Music: there is no internet, so bring music you want to listen to (we’ll have a sound system to play music from phones or iPods). Or else be ready for lots of my techno beats.
  • Staying in hotel:
    • Shuttle signups: we’ll run a shuttle to downtown Half Moon Bay, and the lodge we reserved. If you’re going to drink, please use the shuttle! We just need your name so we make sure the shuttle doesn’t leave without you (note: if you’re not on time, the shuttle may leave without you anyway). We’ll provide more details on the shuttle in due course.
    • If you still need to book a hotel, we reserved some rooms at the Half Moon Bay Lodge. To reserve, select dates here and under “Group code” enter NK1105. There are also other hotels available in Half Moon Bay.
  • Staying on-site:
    • Cabin signups: pick a cabin that you want to stay in. Stay with your friends, or if you don’t care, just pick a cabin at random. All up to you!
    • Packing lists: if you’re camping, please bring all your gear. If you’re in a cabin, I’ve attached a picture so you can see what you’ll get. Basically make sure you bring a sleeping bag or blanket and a pillow, or else you’ll probably be uncomfortable. We might have a spare blanket or two, but we’re also going to be camping, so we won’t have much (don’t plan on us having extras!). There are showers and toilets on site (indicated on map).
    • Food: BBQ dinner, reception, and Sunday brunch are covered. That means if you get here early on Friday, please have snacks or lunch if needed. Saturday make sure to have something to eat, cocktail hour isn’t until 5pm. There may be some snacks available on Saturday.
  • Volunteers:
    • We’re going to need some volunteers to help out over the weekend. If you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves please let us know, we’d really appreciate it 🙂

That’s all for now! We’ll send another email around closer to the day when things have been finalized and more details are available. Feel free to get in touch with either of us if you have any questions.

Half Moon Bay Lodge (hotel) reservations now active

We have arranged a group discount at the Half Moon Bay Lodge – if you know you’re going to make it this November and want to stay in the hotel, please reserve your room as early as possible (they’re only letting us book a few rooms in advance, though will give us more rooms if we show that we need them!) To reserve, select dates here and under “Group code” enter NK1105.

There are also other hotels available in Half Moon Bay – though the Lodge is the closest to the venue, so that’s probably where we’ll run the shuttle bus.

Save-the-dates are out

We have mailed out the save-the-dates. Did you receive yours? I hope so! Otherwise I’m not sure how you’ll know to visit this site. So things are finally confirmed and moving in the right direction, but still so much to do – next up: more planning!